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Here's something new you might try if you're a heavy smoker and have tried several times already to quit smoking, unsuccessfully. It's a stop smoking injection (or stop smoking vaccine) that can help you forget about cigarettes totally.

A stop smoking injection is one of the most successful methods for smoking cessation. It has a 70-80% success rate and is the highest rate compared to other stop smoking methods such as nicotine replacement therapy, acupuncture, herbs or medications.

Many people who have tried it have very positive feedback. Here is what Marissa, 54 says:

"I have been smoking since I was 16. By the time I was going to have my first child (28) I was already considering to stop smoking. However, after a few months I gave up and started smoking again. This same process has been repeating many times up until last year when a friend of mine told me about the stop smoking injection therapy. I went to the clinic, had the shot and on the next morning I woke up as a non-smoker! Believe it or not I haven't thought about smoking since then."

stop smoking injectionToo good to be true? Well, here is some information to back up Marissa's statement that should convince you that stop smoking injections really work and may be your only choice.

The process is quite simple. The smoking cessation injection contains substances that block the nicotine receptors in your brain. Since your brain cannot recognize nicotine anymore, the desire for nicotine vanishes. Smoking is an addiction similar to any other addiction - alcohol or drugs. Smokers are addicted to nicotine - a substance found in cigarette smoke. That is why, especially for heavy smokers, once you don't need the nicotine you don't need the cigarettes.

Generally, one stop smoking injection should be enough for you to put away your cigarettes. However, in some cases a follow up may be required. The good thing is that this kind if therapy is a medical therapy and it takes place in a clinic under the supervision of experienced doctors. They will check your health condition prior to the stop smoking injection and set a second or a third shot if your condition requires it.

Of course a single injection will not fully "cure" you. This is because the problem with most smokers is not just the nicotine addiction. It's also all the smoking rituals and habits the smoker has and misses once they decide to stop smoking. Usually you can get follow up help in the same clinic where you have had your stop smoking injection. Your doctor will review your condition after the shot and evaluate your reaction. If necessary, he can arrange for behavior therapy.

How much does a stop smoking injection therapy cost?
The good news is that it's generally very affordable. Even if you feel it's a bit high for your budget, just think for a moment: "What will I pay in 10 years for now to recover my ruined health?" and you will quickly see how inexpensive this treatment really is. The other good news is that a stop smoking injection therapy is usually covered by many health insurance policies.


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